Sep 7, 2018

Wien 2018

World's most liveable city 2018 is Vienna, Austria.
Motion graphic.

Wien 2018 from Zsolt Pajan on Vimeo.

Game landing pages

Allianz Game landing page designs.

Allianz Motion Graphic

Motion Graphic, graphic design, animations.

Allianz Motion Graphic from Zsolt Pajan on Vimeo.

Allianz Hungary interface redesign

Graphic Design, Illustration, UX

Light that does not hurt the eyes

This is a tribute to the golden age artists.
An imaginary exhibition posters.

Ubik - book cover

Philip K. Dick: Ubik - book cover.
Used for the Ukrainian edition.

Asimov: The Naked Sun

Asimov: The Naked Sun - book cover concept.